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   SMS Short Code in India / Short Code SMS Gateway Service Provider India:
The Best Short Codes SMS Services In India

Emails Cart SMS Marketing is Short Codes Service provider in India, we are providing short codes for you to get more client enquries and Leads Generation. Short Code is the powerful and very effective marketing tool in sms marketing, which is giving definate reply to grow your desire short code. Short Codes is the service is mostly use for lead generation or getting feedbacks from the customers. Short codes are mobile numbers that are mainly shorter than regular mobile numbers (usually 5 digits) which are used for SMS, MMS and Interactive Voice Services. In India Short Codes are 5 digit, 6 digit, 7 digit long. Short Codes are 5 digit, 6 digit numbers which can be easily remember. Messages is be send to Short Codes is bit expensive than regular sms. Now its not hard to find Short codes in mumbai, india. Emails Cart SMS Marketing is providing Short codes for you in range of 56767, 54242, 53030, 56070, 56677, 56161, 56262, 57333, 58888

Short Codes in India are own by various mobile operators. it means your keyword is approved by the mobile operators. Mainly Short Codes in India mainly use for buying contents, voting on Television Programs, mobile stuff like ringtones, wallpapers, radio etc, various Mobile Operator using Short Codes to generating revenue from short codes, like Value Added Services. Short Code Services in India is mainly use to keep direct interaction with our customers via various promotional offers like surveys, contest, Lucky Draw, product inquiries, services inquiries, leads generation through short codes.

Short Code SMS Pricing
Short Code Credits Price per Credit AMOUNT IN INR ( Rs ) ORDER NOW
Per Annum 2500 To 15000 NA

Terms & Conditions For Short Code SMS:

*  1 Year Validity
*  In case of Featured Plan Additional Amount of Rs 1,000 Will be charged.

*  For More purchase Any SMS - please Please Email us:-  emailscart@gmail.com
*  ALL Prices are Exclusive of Service Tax.
*  After 100% Payment Confirmed - Buyer Will Get SMS Panel in 12 Hous ( Not Hoidays Including )

Key Features Short Code ( 5 Digit Short-Code : 56161 ):
Unlimited Sub Keywords
Complete Reporting
Change auto replies as many times you want
One free SMS for every incoming SMS (as an auto reply)
URL Forwarding to receive incoming SMS on your application
Instant response and real time reporting
Two Way messaging Services
Response can be forwarded to your URL
Unmatched Services in industry

Benefits of SMS Short services:
Cutting edge Technology
Easy to remember and Reach
Multiple benefit to Earn Additional Revenue
It provides yo a wider and known Brand Equity
Unique National/ Global easy reach SMS identity
Short Code/ Long Code based on Content requirements
Automated Two-way Messaging - Easy to configure Auto Response/ URL Response
Keyword/ Sub-Keyword Facility for multiple types of Queries Processing
There will be Wide range of Choices for Short Codes
Two kinds of Short Code Services:
Dedicated Short Code Service
Shared Short Code Service

Connectivity: All major mobile operators in India (CDMA & GSM)
You can use our services for the following purposes:   Short code Services:
Lead generation via displaying SMS short code 56263 in all their ad campaigns.
Consumers can fetch Information-on-Demand by sending a text message to 56263.
Integrate 56263 services with their existing application via our API.
mVaayoo even provides dedicated short code service for the companies who wish to have their own SMS short code.
City-based or Pincode-based Dealer/Store Locators by sending a single text message to 56263.
SMS Based Contest, opinion poll, voting, games, quiz or trivia on 56263.
  *  56767
*  56161
*  56677
*  56070
*  54242
*  53636
*  57272
*  52424
*  57575
*  54646
*  56263
*  58888
*  56969
*  53030
*  57333
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