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   Promotional Bulk SMS Service / Promotional SMS Marketing Services:
The Best Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider in India - Why Promotional SMS ?
Promotional SMS is a SMS Containing text advertisement that explains about the product/service features sent to group of people. Promoting a Business/Products/Services/Events via Text SMS is known as Promotional SMS.The success of messaging service it is being used as business promotion activity in the form of Bulk sms. The cost effectiveness of the promotional sms campaign by using Bulk SMS service make it ideal for newly launched of product/services.

Promotional SMS is a form of mobile marketing where a Text SMS is sent to various numbers containing their sms advertisement that consist of Product/Service/Event details or Offers.

Promotional SMS Pricing - High Priority - Non DND
10,000 Promotional SMS 1 Year 16 Paisa Rs. 1950
50,000 Promotional SMS 1 Year 14 Paisa Rs. 7800
1,00,000 Promotional SMS 1 Year 11 Paisa Rs. 13000

Terms & Conditions For Promotional SMS:

*  SMS service 9am to 9pm
*  SMS delivery instantly
*  SMS Not delivered to dnd numbers
*  Appear Your sender ID Ex: (LM-566788)

*  For Big Count purchase Any SMS - please Please Email us:-  emailscart@gmail.com
*  No Any Extra Hidden Charges / No Any Service Tax Charges
*  After 100% Payment Confirmed - Buyer Will Get SMS Panel in 12 Hous ( Not Hoidays Including )
*  1 sms ( 160 character ) = 1 credit only

Promote your Brand with Promotional SMS:
EmailsCart offers Marketing SMS Services, can be used by any company or individual to promote or advertise about a product or brand or services. Using bulk SMS marketing, you can regularly update your clients about latest products, discounts, vouchers and super saver deals. It is an effective tool of mass marketing Bulk SMS which is used for marketing is known as Promotional SMS. Promotional SMS is one of the cheapest marketing solution to reach your end users. SMS Marketing used for Brand Promotion, Offers, Product Marketing, General Awareness, Event Publicity, Wishes like Happy Birthday, Happy New Year & etc.

Let us Help you to Make Your Business Successful:
In today’s world of overgrowing competition, it has become difficult to retain customers, more so because the needs of the customers are unlimited and the means to arrange resources for them are limited. Promotional SMS marketing is useful for all types of businesses, especially in targeting the local customers. With the help of promotional sms advertising you can increase your sale percentage in just a couple of days.
Organisations that are using our Promotional SMS:
• Schools and Colleges
• Training and Coaching Institutes
• Real Estate Services
• Small and Medium Scale Industries
• Social and Business Networking Groups
• Information Technology Companies
• Financial Services
• Consumer Services
• Marketing Agencies
• Schedule messages.
• Online Businesses
• Transport and Logistics
• Travel and Tourism
• Wholesale and Retail Stores
• Clubs and Organizations
• Hotels and Resorts
• Human Resource Services
Features of Our Bulk Promotional SMS Services:   Benefits of Our Bulk Promotional SMS Services:
Instant Activation
Sending Marketing SMS
Login & Sending SMS
Multiple Type SMS
Multiple File Format
SMS Scheduling
Importing Addressbook
Online Address Book
Sending Dynamic SMS
Send to Many Option
Provide an API
Own Template Creation
Delivered to All Networks
Linked with Many Networks
Access to MIS Report
Group Message

No Software Required
High Quality
Online Web Application
Instant Delivery
User Friendly
No Initial Payments
No Documents Required
Redundant Server
Guarenteed Delivery
Highly Confidential
Affordable Price
Maximum ROI
Easy to Reach Your Target
Dedicated SMS Bandwidth
Uninterupted Services
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